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At Saco Design we develop our sites with the thought that our clients will eventually (if not initially) want to go mobile with their websites.  Developing on a responsive base allows us to transform our websites into mobile websites with ease.  Having a responsive mobile website means you only update one website.  There is no need to do something else to change your mobile site; your mobile site is just your regular site displayed in a smaller form.  Responsive websites accurately deliver across almost all devices and browsers seamlessly.  These responsive websites do not need device sniffing technology and do not rely on fragile methodology that can fail, which would result in your website not being delivered correctly to your clients.

Maine is becoming more mobile oriented

Maine's population is using an ever increasing percentage of smartphones and tablet-based devices.  Even older age groups that may have previously avoided using technology are finding that a tablet is easy to handle and use.  Various applications are making people pay more attention to their smartphones and devices than they pay to their computer, leading them to use their devices for possibly anything.  Not having a mobile website could result in a competitor being the option that a potential customer uses instead of your business.  Check out some recent examples of responsive maine mobile web designs we have deployed for customers below:

Molleur Law Mobile WebsiteMaine Mobile Web Design for Denny's CateringMobile Website for Bixby Co in Rockland Maine

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