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In our redesign of, we implemented Search Engine Optimization, a better design, and a way for potential and current clients to gain access to TG Higgins’ service and contact information. For them success is key, and our contribution had to uphold this so they could continue bridging the gap between run and revenue.

Representable Redesign

We did have a special interest in this project, as TG Higgins Business Services calls Winterport home. Therefore we wanted to make sure this local business received the service and attention it deserves by redesigning their website to effectively represent their image. Information regarding medical billing, reporting, and other services is readily available on the homepage, and a free consultation can be requested at the click of a button.

As Easy as A-B-C

As an Ambulance Billing Company in the small town of Winterport, it is important for TG Higgins to have a large online presence. This is where our expertise in Search Engine Optimization came in handy. Using specific keywords within the content of their website can increase their appearance in web searches, which can bring in more clients looking for ambulance billing services.

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