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This microsite is a division of Molleur Law that focuses on home foreclosure. This highly targeted microsite includes SEO and offers information on an attorney specializing in this area of home foreclosure. It is a great resource, and contacting any of Molleur Law Office’s attorneys is always an option if you are looking for other legal aid.

Strength in Professionalism and SEO

Andrea Bopp Stark is the attorney who provides foreclosure services to Molleur Law’s clients, and this site highlights her professional strengths and expertise in this area.  Information regarding stopping home foreclosure, laws surrounding foreclosure, and other resources is available, and we implemented Search Engine Optimization for the benefit of Molleur Law and Stark, and ultimately for the benefit of someone looking for legal aid in Maine.

Strength in Professionalism and SEO

SEO increases the likelihood of to appear in an online search, which is very helpful to those who are searching for a lawyer specializing in home foreclosure.  You can find out more about our search engine optimization services here: Maine Internet Marketing

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