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Hosting and E-Commerce

Saco Design is poised to get your business online. Whether you need monthly hosting of a static web page or annual e-commerce certifications and security, our expertise and network of associates will achieve your goals on the web. We can provide hosting at a discount for a variety of sizes and services.

Tech setup and Maintenance

Saco Design can offer many advantages when taking over your internet hosting needs. We can create your own corner of the web, with a salient web address, customized emails, and integrated traffic statistics. When can handle technical support each month, ensuring consistency and technical dependability. Finally, we can help keep you presence up-to-date with frequent maintenance and content updating.

Shared resources

An intense relationship is established with each of our clients through the development and implementation of an e-business strategy. It is undeniably useful to continue this collaboration, drawing on our shared knowledge and experience to improve your company's success. Our network of clients, contractors and services allow us to share a wide range of dependable and beneficial opportunities to everyone.

Technology advocates

Not only are we outspoken advocates for our clients' technology needs, but we are in a position to deliver on our promises. By maintaining "Preferred Client" status with our primary network provider, and pass the benefits accessibility and dependability on to our clients. Not only will we design and create your online presence, but we will ensure that it stays online to reach out to your clients every day of the week.

Service agreements

As vibrant businesses, all of our clients have timely material available for distribution. Frequent updating is a crucial aspect of maintaining customer interest and technical superiority. We are eager to develop solid service agreements which designate monthly efforts to maintaining and improving your design and technology presence. This can include not only website updates, but back-end process improvements and customer contacts.

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