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Why am I not receiving email?

Are you not able to get your email?  

With Rackspace, you always want to use the SSL ports and connection information. 

The following ports are what we use with Rackspace:

Incoming Server Type:

Server Name:






POP3 with SSL




Outgoing Server Type:

Server Name:



25, 587,
8025, or 2525



Why is My Website Redirecting to a Different Domain Name?

If you get our Advanced SEO package, you have one primary domain name and all other domain names you own will be forwarded to the primary domain name. When advertising your domain name (for instance in yellow pages or print advertisements) you can advertise any of your domain names and customers will be automatically redirected to the primary domain name. Another option is pointing a domain name to specific area of your website.

If you have questions about Domain Name Marketing or if you're having problems with your domain name please contact us.

Is there a maximum size for attachments I am emailing?

The short answer is: YES!

The long answer is that it depends on your email service provider.  At Saco Design, we allow our customers to send an email that is up to 50 megabytes in size.  This is the total size of the emails being delivered, so this means if you are emailing 2 people, you can only attach 25 megabytes of files to the email (2 X 25 = 50 mb limit).

Put differently, we have a limit of 50 mb per each message. If you are sending the message to more than one recipient, the total size of all messages sent cannot exceed 50 mb (a message sent to 5 people can only have 10 mb of attachments).

If you need to send large files, you have two options: you can try to zip up your files, which should reduce the overall file size, or you can use a service like Hightail or Dropbox.

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