E-Business Consulting

Developing Custom Strategies

A unique internet presence can be central to the success of any business. Whether you sell products internationally or provide services locally, you can reap great benefits from an insightful web strategy. Saco Design is dedicated to creating your unique solution to the web, harnessing dynamic technology to improve your business and developing lasting identities which reach out to your customers. Our pro-active partnerships aspire to and then achieve impressive goals.

Your Web Reflection

We reject cookie-cutter web design because we know that success requires personality. To flourish, your web presence must represent and enrich your core ideals. Through our research and consultation services, Saco Design distills the essential emotions and aspirations of your company. We collaborate to learn your strengths, your hopes, and your customers. Then, through web sites, graphic design and innovative marketing, we extend your personality into rich, new dimensions.

Research and Consulting Services

Client Discovery

We begin each project by diving into your perspective- learning your expertise, offerings and vision. Through multiple exchanges, content research and competitive analysis, we answer the following questions:

  • What business opportunities are available to your company on this vast, global network?
  • What role will design and technology play in your company's future success?

Customer Discovery

Next, Saco Design delves below appearances and assumptions to discover the essential market that you target. Through statistical tools and customer profiling, we define the target audience of our developing project, creating an emotional and technical foundation for integrated marketing:

  • Who are your current customers and what are their needs?
  • Who are your potential customers, how can we reach them?

Strategy Creation

Saco Design's diverse array of passion and experience allows us to approach strategy development as a team. Guided by your vision and your customers' needs, we seek new and creative routes of communication and visibility. Working from broad goals to unique advantages, we look for solid and innovative ways to draw success to you.

Other Consulting Services

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Cost-Benefit Analyses
  • Technology Feasibility Analysis
  • Tech Advice (i.e. Open Source, etc.)
  • Taxonomy Definition & Hierarchy Development
  • Enterprise or Small Businesses Solutions
  • E-Commerce and Shopping Carts
  • Work flow Analysis
  • Training
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