Why are we named Saco Design?

Wait, isn't Saco Design located in Winterport, Maine?

You got it right. Saco Design is now based in Winterport, ME.  After a long journey Saco Design has finally found its home for the foreseeable future.

Why the Name?

Way, way, back in 2002 Saco Design was in the embryonic stages of development.  Two classmates at Syracuse University, both coincidentally from Saco, Maine decided to try and create a web design and graphic design business.  Not knowing what to call their new company, the name Saco Design was born.

The name embodies the values and ideals bestowed upon the minds of these Saco natives.  Saco Design didn't stay long in Saco.  By the fall of 2003, Saco Design was located in Portland, Maine.  In the spring of 2007, Saco Design moved its offices to Portsmouth, NH.  Iin the summer of 2008 Saco Design moved to Rockland in the Midcoast region of Maine.  The final move came in the winter of 2011 to Winterport on the Penobscot River at the head of Penobscot Bay.

What Does it Mean?

Glad you asked.  Besides the obvious implication of the name Saco Design (being located in Saco, Maine - which isn't the case), the name carries a relevant meaning to web design.  The word Saco has Native American origins meaning 'land where the river comes out'.  Our web design is the final product of a long and flowing conversation regarding how to effectively reflect your business online- in the land of the web.

(Check out the April 2009 issue of National Geographic, about 20 pages in, the Geography section.  It's Native American names of places.  Saco, Maine made the list)

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