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Intelligent Design

 - When you are designing a website, page, blog, or eCommerce application, you should always keep one thing in mind throughout the whole design process.  What do I want my visitor to do?  Do I want my visitor to buy something, do I want them to click on an ad on my blog to generate me revenue, do I want them to share my website, or any... Read More

H1 Tag Usage

 - Make sure your H1 tag is relevant to your page content and whatever keyword or keyword phrase a potential visitor may be searching for.  Only use once per page.  This will be a heavily weighted element in your pages content structure. Read More

Calls to Action

 - As I review more and more websites I generally notice the lack of "Calls to Action" on most websites.  Chances are that if you have created a website and you have a business, then you are trying to get your visitors to do something.  This may be to send you an email, call you, buy something, sign up for an email list, like your... Read More

Do You Even ALT Bro?

 - Don't forget your ALT tags.  It's just good practice to make sure they are created.  If my images are not set to have an ALT tag defined I generally use an association to a data element on the page with a Ternary Operator to make sure they always have something related to the on-page content.  It can only help with Search Engine... Read More

Google Analytics Goals and Regex

 - When I create Google Analytics Goals I use Regex almost exclusively.  You can use starts with or equals but sometimes it seems that these do not perform as well as Regex.  I catch all my Goals this way when with the others occasionally it seems that an order comes in but I have no goal completion to match it. Read More

Glossary: SEO Internal Site Link Goldmine

 - We have recently developed a Glossary functionality that is easily deployable.  Used correctly this is an internal linking SEO goldmine.  Not only does this build value and relevance among qualified pages but it also helps Google's spiders to move throughout your website. Read More

Speed Makes a Difference

 - In Early 2010 Google started using  page load speed in its algorithm calculations.  The reasoning behind this is that the faster a page loads the better a user's experience is going to be.  With this in mind you may want to consider whether all the graphics you have on your site are doing anything to help your presence. ... Read More

Schema.org: A Huge Benefit

 - We use schema.org in as much of our programming as possible.  Why? You ask.  There are two reasons.  First: Because it gives us more control of our information on the search engines. Second and most important: It gives us a more robust search result.  When Google chooses to use our enhanced information sometimes we show with... Read More

Google Keyword Planner Targetting by Region

 - I have noticed now in the Google Keyword Planner "Targeting" section you can narrow down the region you want to see information for.  This is a big help for local markets as now you can see what keywords people are actually looking for in your area.  You may even see how much people are searching for your competitors in your area... Read More

We're A Google Partner Now!

 - We just achieved Google Partner status yesterday.   This means we have achieved the necessary service levels and passed the appropriate certifications for Google to have trust in us as preferred provider of services.  The really good news is even with this level of quality our services are affordable. Read More

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