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Nothing To See Here

 - When you direct your site visitor to an empty page it causes a loss of trust almost akin to false advertising.  Take the following visitor's point of view for example:  You told me you had some things here but then I got here and you didn't.  Should I bother trusting your website and business enough to bother clicking on another... Read More

The Power of Positive Press and Making the Most of Them

 - News articles and press are great ways to increase awareness of your business.  But don't forget to make sure that they include your contact information and a website in the article or story itself.  If it is an online story make sure they place a link back to your website somewhere in the article to help your SEO. Read More

Should I Get in the Google Adwords Game With My Company?

 - The short answer is yes.  We can offer you a promotional deal that lets you wet your feet in Google's waters.  These offers change quite often but are almost always available for new accounts on the Google Adwords platform.  There is no magic requirement that you continue onwards after the offer is completed.  It is entirely... Read More

How Come People Are Not Seeing My Facebook Page Posts On Their Walls Anymore?

 - The short of it is that Facebook wants to make money by forcing you to pay to appear on the people who liked your business in the first place's wall.  Following won't help a bit in this problem.  The only ways around this are paying to promote your posts to the people that already like you.  Everyone is saying around $7 bucks a... Read More

Who's Talking About My Website?

 - Do you want to know who and what is linking to your site and talking about it online? Use Google Alerts! Simple! Effective!  http://www.google/alerts Read More

Yext PowerListings!

 - Yext PowerListings is a great way to get listed on local search directories.  Not only does the Yext service allow you to update your local listings across a wide range of sites, apps, and maps; it also allows you to get a bunch of valuable inbound links to increase your site's search engine optimization . Read More

Don't Let Your Ego Get the Better of You

 - Sometimes it is best to know when to walk away.  In the marketing world you will fight a lot of battles against competitors.  In some cases it is best to save your resources to fight another day.  An example would be instead of bothering trying to achieve placements for one high yield keyword where you are competing against your... Read More

Remarketing is the Bomb

 - Although remarketing techniques are often very technical, they can lead to results.  So don't overlook them. Read More

Forcing WWW

 - Whether you like www as a prefix to your site address or not you should force both to one or the other.  It doesn't matter which way you go.  At this point in time it does not help or hurt you to use or not to use www.  For a  search engine optimization benefit and to take care of any duplicate content issues you need to... Read More

New Things Aren't Always Great

 - Don't be too quick to try new trends in internet marketing or web design .  A lot of unproven methodologies and untested software are coming to market nowadays with everyone looking for the next big thing.  It is quite all right to let someone else take the risk.  Chances are if it works you will know soon enough whether or not... Read More

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