TruChoice Federal Credit Union Launches Redesigned Web Site

Starting in 2007, TruChoice Federal Credit Union (TruFCU) began to reinvent its brand, choosing to work with iDiz.  Saco Design was hired to take the web design templates created by iDiz and turn them into a fully-functioning web site.

Project Goals

Use the client-supplied web page design templates and create a robust and interactive web site.  Saco Design received a single design template, for the homepage, and created the subsequent interior template using the already established design treatments.  We also created some new concepts, including the rotating news element on the homepage.  Saco Design also took it upon itself to improve search engine rankings through standard SEO techniques and SEO programming.

Self-Managed Web Site

TruFCU wanted to be able to make updates to their web site after go-live.  TruFCU has the in-house resources (and HTML knowledge) to effectively manage their web site.  After minimal training, TruFCU learned how to use Site Avenger (Saco Design's CMS) to update and maintain ALL aspects of their site.

Target Audience

  • Anyone living in Maine, that is elligible to become a TruFCU member
  • Current customers looking for information on rates, loans, etc.
  • New customers looking for a new bank - member switch kit, call-to-actions throughout

S.D. Services

  • Website Development- we took the client-supplied design templates and created a flexible, standards-compliant, 100% CSS-based template.  (For non techies, this is the preferred web design outcome)
  • Graphic Design- developing new visual elements that extend the theme of the client-supplied design templates. Plus, we tried to use that new logo everywhere!

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