Speed-Mat Launches v2.0 Web Site

After years of website growth and success, it became necessary to re-design and re-focus their web site. We proceeded with an evolution to Speed-mat.com version 2.0, incorporating over 2 years of knowledge gained marketing and updating speed-mat.com.

Project Goals

Create a robust, attractive site utilizing a flexible layout and full database support. Re-work the homepage and user interface to help focus visitor attention on specific market segments for mat cutting. Bring the entire site to the v2.0 platform while further optimizing for search engines and customer conversions.

Target Audience

  • Speed-Mat customers looking for accessories, sales and support.
  • Potential mat cutting customers, ranging from light demands (photographers & hobbyists) to robust mat cutter solutions (frame shops, galleries and schools).

S.D. Services

  • Website Development- utilize a stylish template and content management system to create a flexible, extensible web site.
  • Graphic Design- putting a visual focus on the backbone of the Esterly mat cutter lines. Provided compelling self-promotions and custom graphics to make a sleek, professional site.
  • Web Programming- customized database drives the entire site, with additional programming for users to "Request a Quote" from Speed-Mat and seek further support.

On-going Speed-Mat Campaign

Speed-Mat has shifted their marketing strategies significantly in the past 5 years. While their mat cutters were formerly marketed using traditional print ads and word-of-mouth, their business is now driven by website inquiries and internet marketing. Through a monthly service agreement, Saco Design conducts: traffic analysis, search engine placement, internet advertisement spending and general updates. Our expertise, combined with frequent strategy meetings and our host of design services, have allowed Speed-Mat to successfully grow their website and meet the challenges of global competition.

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