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Southern Maine SportsZone was created after Howard Sports in Saco, Maine decided to cease operations.  Using the same facilities, but wanting to break completely from Howard Sports, Southern Maine Sportszone contracted with Saco Design to create a new corporate identity and brand.

Project Goals

Create a new logo and re-purpose the existing web site.  Saco Design needed to create a new logo for SMSZ based on the client's demands.  Saco Design also needed to update the look and feel of the existing web site ( and transform it into Southern Maine SportsZone.  In addition, all content and copy needed to be updated from Howard Sports to SMSZ (including images, promotions, schedules, etc.).  Saco Design also upgraded the website to its newest version of Site Avenger.

Content Management System

As Howard Sports had done for years, SMSZ wanted to be able to update all aspects of its site in-house.  SMSZ has the in-house resources and HTML knowledge that makes them a good candidate for a self-managed web site.  Southern Maine SportsZone also manages their entire league schedule throuh Site Avenger, with automatic scoring, team standings and scheduling.

Target Audience

  • All active adults and adolescents interested in playing sports indoors
  • Current customers looking for league schedules, open gym times, etc. - power users
  • New customers looking for a new sports league, gym or child care.

S.D. Services

  • Website Development- we created a new website with elements of the old
  • Identity Branding - we designed a logo, based on the input of the client
  • Graphic Design- we took the newly created logo, gave it prominence and added a new graphical promotion to the hoempage
  • Web Hosting - SMSZ is hosted by Saco Design and uses our hosted content management system, Site Avenger

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