Saco Design finds success with local talent

Success at Saco Design

J'Hannah started only a few months ago with Saco Design, but has quickly shown her value. She's a quick learner with a fantastic eye for design who works well in a small, fast paced environment. As J'Hannah herself says, "I am pleased to join a strong team and cool culture. Working together with like-minded individuals – a compilation of analytical, strategic and creative minds - each with broad areas of expertise - is conducive to team success."

local talent, regional impact

Saco Design is committed to hiring the best local talent we can find, and J'Hannah's a great example of this. As a two-time graduate of EMCC she has a wide array of skills that fit perfectly at Saco Design.

Our customers appreciate local service, so hiring locally only makes sense. Our continued growth is dependent on the level of local talent we can find. With local partners like Project Login helping people like J'Hannah attain their full potential, we like the way our future looks! See the Project Login story here:

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