Redesign Launched

We recently completed a major update to  It's been several years since the last website redesign and it was about time to beef up

An Emboldened Site Avenger

Site Avenger has tons of new website building super powers.  We needed to take advantage of new features and improvements to Site Avenger in order to spend more time publishing content, and less time coding that content.

  • Search Engine Friendly Blogs & Web Pages
  • Instant Online Contact Forms
  • Graphic Promotions & Advertising Manager
  • Contests & Members-Only area
  • Photo Galleries & Document Zones
  • E-commerce & more...

A more targeted message

Kevin recently sat in on an excellent presentation by Mabel Ney (of Idexx fame) on Designing Useful Website Navigation. While thinking about how a website's vision/promise should match the results of the 5-second test, a new web design approach for was born.  We think the new above-the-fold-layout of is more powerful and informative than before. Plus, results from the 5-second test show that key messages are being conveyed.

Let us know what you think

We are very interested in hearing what you think about the new website design.  If you are interested in working with Saco Design, please contact us anytime.

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