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My Denny’s Catering


For My Denny’s Catering, we focused on functionality and mobile accessibility. Geolocation is a big part of this project, and Saco Design honed in on Denny’s Catering locations to make it easy for their customers to order from an area close to them.



Using your IP Address, your location can be identified, allowing the website to automatically decide which Denny’s Catering location is closest to you - all with convenience in mind. However, this feature is not prohibiting, because as the customer you can change your location or choose a different My Denny’s Catering location.


Mobile Management

Instead of having to zoom in to see the delicious menu options and navigate the website on your mobile device, we have built My Denny’s Catering to respond to the screen of the device you are using.  This site functions just as well on your mobile device as it does on your computer. The text and detailed graphics are just as vivid as they are when viewed on a computer; at Saco Design we employed all of our faculties to effectively showcase Denny’s mouthwatering menu.


Frustration Free E-Commerce

By clicking “Order Now” on the navigation bar, customers can easily select the breakfast catering or lunch/dinner menus and choose how many of which items to buy - and without worry because Saco Design made sure to include the prices right on the menu, rather than having the prices show up just in your cart. The pop-up window verifying your choice(s) allows you to continue shopping where you left off, so you don’t need to worry about being redirected to a different page and forgetting where you left off. 

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