Saco Design Launches New LaVecchia Company Website

Saco Design recently launched a new website for the LaVecchia Company.  The LaVecchia Company is a real estate management company based in Chicago, Illinois.  They offer a wide variety of client services for landlords and tenants including but not limited to property audits, project managment, social media, dispute resolution, and training.  They have worked with major properties such as the Sony Center in Berlin and the Axa Equitable Center in New York.  Check out their new website at

The LaVecchia Company's mission is to bridge the gaps between excellent service levels and tight operational budgets.  They tailor their expertise and ideas to the requirements and needs of a modern operation.  They understand the needs of tenants and landlords and translate them into cost-effective, creative and realistic solutions for all parties.

You can contact the LaVecchia by mail at:
PO BOX 11262
Chicago, IL 60611-0262
or by phone at:
or email them at:

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