Saco Design Launches Gamage Shipyard

Extraordinary work, outstanding site

When you perform high quality work like Gamage Shipyard, you want to make sure it comes across on the web on all platforms. Saco Design created a site that does just that. With a breathtaking venue like The Gut in South Bristol, Maine, we knew we had the perfect background for the site. The hero images of this site capture your eye and make you want to click through to the next page.

Top notch tech

A nautical business has unique requirements. Saco Design integrated the Gamage webcam into the site so you can see what's happening there anytime, day or night. Maritime recreation relies heavily on the weather, too, so we included a current weather link. Add this to the SEO and responsive design that Saco Design builds into every site and you get an unparalleled site.

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