Saco Design Introduces Brewer Land Trust

Brewer Land Trust

We cater to Brewer Land Trust’s needs for website managing tools, effective and functional design, as well as access and use of PayPal integration for member and donors alike. An important factor in our design of Brewer Land Trust’s website includes our goal to strengthen the connection to search engines and potential members or donors.

Managing Community Resources-Including the Web

Brewer Land Trust works hard to preserve areas for public use and enjoyment, just as we work hard for them by offering support and assistance while they use and manage their website. The tools needed to manage their site are always at their fingertips, since Brewer Land Trust ultimately knows best. 

  • Brewer Land Trust can add their news at any time.
  • Managing trails, parks, and properties by uploading and editing content and images.
  • Custom attributes such as parking and the length of trails can be included, as well as photos.

Clean and Informative Graphic Design

We designed Brewer Land Trust’s website alongside their specifications. They provided us with a logo and a vision for their site, and we are happy to create a website they can stand behind.

  • The mega drop-down menu is updated automatically as parks and trails are added to the site.
  • Future-proof because Brewer Land Trust’s website design can accommodate the addition of properties and trails without any redesign needed – no matter how many properties and trails are acquired.

Attracting Membership and Donations

As a non-profit and independent entity from the city, Brewer Land Trust values its members and those who support their cause to protect the natural aspects of their community. By including an easy to read site map and navigation pane, the client and visitors of the website will be able to navigate the site with minimal barriers.

  • PayPal integration makes donating easy and secure.
  • New members can not only sign up online, but pay any fees associated with membership by using the link to PayPal. 

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