Non Profit Website Redesign and SEO Overhaul

Project Background:

The existing York County Prevention Collaborative (YCPC) website was working well, but making updates was becoming increasingly more challenging. The website was created and updated using a WYSIWYG editor (like Frontpage or Dreamweaver) over many years.  Although content was relatively up-to-date, making changes resulted in formatting errors and unintended changes. The problem was compounding with each update...

Project Goals

It was time for a change.  YCPC wanted a simpler and easier way to manage website. YCPC wanted the ability to make instant updates and changes through their own website.  YCPC wanted a Content Management System that would allow them to make blog postings, change page content and monitor website activity.  Saco Design was happy to redesign their website, holding true to the original design and layout, making improvements where neccessary and moving the website to Site Avenger.

York County Prevention Collaborative also wanted better visibility in the search engines.  To help with SEO, Saco Design reworked page titles, keywords and page descriptions.  In addition, Saco Design made all content and HTML coding semantically correct and valid xHTML according to the W3C guidelines.  To top it off, we also added a blog so not only will YCPC be able to post updates more easily, those updates will be presented to visitors in an easy to use format and help with SEO (search engine optimization)!

Target Audience

  • People in York County Maine looking for local resources for abuse and violence prevention
  • Individuals looking for resources and/or assistance with abuse, violence or substance abuse
  • Information center and knowledgebase for Southern Maine prevention professionals and organizations

S.D. Services

  • Website Redesign- created a new website template for fast loading pages, installed a content management system for easy in-house updates and setup a blog for structured and timely YCPC updates.
  • Search Engine Optimization - all templates are lean and hand-coded, page titles and headings are relevant, and existing web copy and descriptions were reworked to be more search engine friendly.
  • Graphic Design - recreated original logo in a vector format for ultimate flexibility in multiple applications

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