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Noticing the trend of distributors and vendors increasingly marketing their products and services online, Industrial Automation Supply (IAS) has committed to an online marketing strategy.  The first step is to redesign and launch the current IAS web site.  Then, IAS will focus on SEO and internet marketing.

Project Goals

Create an intuitive web site structure that hides the complexity of IAS' vast product lines.  Use the existing logo and color scheme to produce a new online corporate brand while not alienating current customers.  Saco Design was also tasked with improving search engine rankings through targeted copy writing and SEO programming.

Target Audience

  • Engineers, Technicians, and Nerds (basically, really smart and analytical people)
  • Current customers looking to re-order - home page designed around power users who know IAS' product groupings
  • New customers looking for a local distributor - using SEO and intuitive site navigation
  • Problem solvers- through a blog, try and reach out to unique solutions and exert IAS' image as an industry leader

S.D. Services

  • Website Development- utilize a stylish template and content management system to create a flexible, extensible web site.
  • Search Engine Optimization- through the discovery process, Saco Design learned about which keywords to target and produced a web site targetting those keywords.
  • Graphic Design- developing the visual look and feel for the new web site, extending the existing collateral.
  • Web hosting - IAS is hosted on Saco Design's web server farm in Maine

Industrial Automation Supply Internet Strategy

With the launch of the new web site, IAS is excited to have a site that they can be proud.  Based on the intial search engine rankings, IAS may decide to move forward with SEO and Internet Marketing.  If interested, a monthly service agreement from Saco Design will help IAS conduct traffic analysis, search engine placement, internet advertisement spending and general updates.

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