Facebook to Businesses: Use Pages not Profiles

More and More Businesses are Using Facebook for Marketing

Businesses are always looking for ways to increase their marketing reach without spending more money.  Many businesses are doing this by choosing to use Facebook to engage current customers, reach new customers and cultivate potential leads.  Many businesses make use of Facebook Pages to create an online persona for their business or company.  Facebook introduced Facebook Pages in November of 2007, however, in the past, many business owners setup fake personal accounts or pages instead.

Facebook Declares War on Business Profiles

Intially, Facebook Pages for businesses was a novelty and nothing more than Likes vs. Friends to end users.  Over time, the Facebook Pages platform has evolved into a social media toolset that is necessary to promote your business on Facebook.  Gradually, Facebook has become more explicit in its distaste of companies using Facebook Profiles instead of Pages for their business account.  More recently, it has updated its Terms of Use to prohibit businesses from using personal profile pages.  Facebook has even gone as far as rolling out a tool that explicitly targets business profile pages- your competitors can now report your business profile, which in turn, may be deleted.

If you are a business that is still using personal profiles for your business page on Facebook (e.g. you have friends instead of likes) then please act now.  Instead of having your account deleted (and all of your followers as well), take the time to migrate your personal account to Facebook Pages.  If you fail to make this move on your own, Facebook may delete your accounts or may forcefully move them without the owners knowledge.

Determine a Facebook Migration Strategy

We recommend if you are using a personal account as a business then you either use the migration tool to move yourself to a Business Page or create a new Business Page and convert your personal page to represent an actual person who is publicly visible within your business.  This decision should depend on your business model but if your business has a lot of friends then you may want to migrate regardless.  Migrating will preserve the friends you've gained by converting them into likes for your business.

The Facebook Migration Tool

The Facebook Migration Tool is availabe by logging into the Facebook Account you want to migrate and visiting the following link:


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