Molleur Law Office Website Redesigned As Practice Expands

Saco Design is proud to announce the second revamp of Molleur Law Office's website, following our initial redesign six years ago. The site had a lot of existing content, both as pages and as blog entries. We migrated this to the new site and also added quite a lot of new content as well.

Molleur Law Office has recently expanded their practice from the Biddeford area to include a Portland office as well. All existing content on the site was updated to reflect this. Additionally, interactive maps have been placed with the directions to assist visitors to the site who wish to visit Molleur Law Office in person.

Content, Managed.

Saco Design's Site Avenger CMS (we are fond of calling it our Content Management Superhero) was instrumental in this transition, allowing us to easily refactor much of the content and many of the articles from the existing site into pages and blog posts tailor-made for the new site. Molleur Law Office's legal professionals, empowered by Site Avenger, can now make updates and tweaks to the site, as well as post new blog entries.

Sitewide Search

The new Molleur Law Office site integrates a powerful search engine which automatically updates along with the site. Any changes to pages or new blog entries are automatically indexed, whether done by the staff of Molleur Law Office or by Saco Design's in-house developers.

Focused on SEO

As with every site we are responsible for, Molleur Law Office's new site was crafting from the beginning with proper keywords, descriptions, and search-engine-friendly structure and content. This is important because it affords the site a much improved ranking with search engines and advertising networks. At Saco Design, we never miss an opportunity to make your website easier to find.

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