Maine Indoor Karting Launches Web Site

Original Website Goals (2004):

  • Promote M.I.K. as an action-packed alternative to Go-Carting in Southern Maine
  • Create dynamic, colorful and exciting graphics to create an MIK brand
  • Organize a variety of informational and promotional content to maximize service exposure
  • Maximize the home page impact to convey essential entertainment info and promote frequent special events

Ongoing E-Business:

  • Create thrilling graphics and web pages for numerous special events
  • Customize and Implement Shopping Cart for new online store
  • Consult to bring database of race-times online

S.D. Services:

  • E-Business Consulting- technology integration between in-house database and web, online sales
  • Graphic Design- photo & graphical promotions, interface styling
  • Website Design- market- and SEO-based copywriting, dynamic interface elements
  • E-Commerce Hosting- shopping cart customization and implementation, monthly content updates
  • Marketing- frequent promotional research and design

Results After 2 Years:

(Added November 2006) Maine Indoor Karting has now established itself as one of Maine's premier entertainment facilities, creating a new industry in Southern Maine. The website draws over 1 million hits/month, and the new MIK store shows potential to increase sales for the business. Maine Indoor Karting has carried its web identity into print marketing, with Saco Design graphics on posters and corporate material.

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