Maine Indoor v2.0 Launched!

Project Goals

Make it easy for fans to get the most out of Maine Indoor Karting. Use functionality to provide up-to-the-minute track alerts and control the MIK Today panel. Support the MIK brand through event promotions, custom graphics and multimedia goodies.

Target Audience

  • Loyal MIK Patrons - Maine Indoor Karting customers are seeking a thrilling online component to their hobby.
  • Potential Customers - From corporate events to family fun, the site must be informative to speak to everyone in the broad market range.
  • MIK Staff - Utilize customized functionality to ease the updating process, which keep their online presence fresh.

S.D. Services

  • Website Development- utilize cutting-edge template design, supported by a content management system, to create a responsive, extensible web site.
  • Graphic Design- carry into the website the fantastic brand recognition that MIK has developed in Southern Maine
  • Web Programming- customized database drives the entire site, with additional programming for the clients use, including a calendar and site maintenance system.

More Client Updates

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