The Law Offices of Michael Alfano

Attorney Michael Alfano offers his clients valuable insight and legal representation that is effective - so his website needed to include valuable information and represent his law office in the right ways. This means our design had to be professional, the content had to be relevant, and all of the elements together needed be effective enough to lead people to request a consultation

Pertinent Professionalism

Michael Alfano takes pride in focusing on his clients’ needs, and because of this a professional design for their website was a must. With clean and professional images for each sub-page and relevant information to go with them, we upheld the Law Offices of Michael Alfano’s reputation of reliability and great service to their clients.

Successful SEO

For someone looking for a lawyer in the Portsmouth area, it is important to find one with  a good reputation and success rate. We ensured this for Michael Alfano by implementing simple Search Engine Optimization so he could be easily accessible not only on his own website but on the general web.

Legitimate Leads

We implemented a consultation form in order to make information more easily accessible for potential clients. The Law Offices of Michael Alfano is considerate of your needs, so we kept this in mind when creating a way for you to connect with them.

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