Larochelle Sheds Unveils Online Photo Album

Customers Wanted to See Pictures

Traffic to Larochelle & Sons Sheds' web site is up.  The site continues to improve in all search engine rankings relating to Maine sheds.  In order to better serve its new online customers, Larochelle Sheds decided to add a photo album to their existing web site.

The Process

  • 35mm photos were scanned; cropped; color-corrected.  Photos were ehanced for optimal web viewing.
  • Saco Design incorporated the look and feel of the existing site into the new custom photo album area.
  • Photos were then uploaded through Site Avenger into the Image Gallery.
  • All the heavy lifting is done by Site Avenger (all the pages neccessary to have a fully functioning image gallery)

The Final Result

Excellent!  Customers can now view pictures of sheds online as well as some more creative ideas.  Plus, the added SEO benefit gained by expanding the size of a web site.  By adding more content on a regular basis, Larochelle and Sons Sheds will continue to improve in the search engines.

See For Yourself

This project can't really be summed up in words or still photos.  Instead, go over to and browse their photo album.  Let Saco Design know if you want one for your site.

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