Just launched: MarketChess featuring chessNwine

Saco Design, Inc. is pleased to announce the recent launching of MarketChess.com, a financial blog featuring news, insights and resource from chessNwine. Appearing in several well known and respected financial publications, chessNwine is very knowledgeable about the stock market.  The site serves as a platform for his posts about the trends, predictions, as well as his personal anecdotes about the market.  It features a recap of the goings on in the market as viewed by chessNwine.  Both full and mobile versions allow users to read about and contact chessNwine.

Saco Design’s services included website design, web development, graphic and logo design, database programming, and web hosting.  Working closely with chessNwine, our team was able to develop an easy to utilize platform where users can keep up with the latest trends in the financial market.  Incorporated in the design is a sticky menu with links to other financial resources, a social media sharing platform, and optimized cloud storage for image and video sharing.  Coming soon for subscribers is MarketChess Premium, featuring a private Twitter feed, real time trade alerts, and custom-made videos.  

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