Herz Tree Service

Herz Tree Service is another example of a great Winterport, Maine company who strives to provide excellent services for Maine communities and individuals. Our biggest focus was on cloud files and updates regarding current and past projects; Herz Tree Service relies on dependable file backup and relevant content, so we were happy to take on this project for them.

The Cloud

Herz knows a lot about tree services, and luckily when they looked for a way to backup and store their files we were able to offer our knowledge of the Cloud. Their testimonials, blog posts, images, and other files can now be uploaded to the cloud and securely stored. For more information about this feature, contact us with your questions.

Climbing to Great Heights

Greg Herz of Herz Tree Service wanted to extend his marketing reach, so our functional design had to include images and a variety of service information. The large image slider on the homepage and the recent work blog showcase some of Herz Tree Service’s projects, and an estimate can be easily requested right on their website. We made sure to address their website needs, so that they can focus on providing you with their tree, shrub, debris, and other services.

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