Hands on Learning on the Maine Coast!

The mission of Herring Gut Learning Center in Port Clyde, Maine, is to foster the economic, social, and environmental resilience of coastal communities through student and public educational programs and partnerships that focus on marine resources.  They offer summer camps for children, and learning opportunities for public and private school teachers as well as families.  For over a decade Herring Gut has provided hands-on experiences and inspiration to young people who need an alternative approach to motivate and engage them to study, improve their grades, change attitudes to become responsible adults.

Saco Design Workshop was retained to update their older website, making it easier for people learn about, register for camps and learning opportunities, and donate to Herring Gut Learning Center.  They were also looking for a way to highlight, in real time, the exciting opportunities they offer in their unique location on the Maine Coast.

Here are the services that Saco Design provided:

  • Website Development- we created a new website with elements of the old.  The site uses photographs to highlight many of the activities at Herring Gut Learning Center
  • Graphic Design- the new site uses an “earthy” color palate.   The design is focused on usability and highlighting Herring Gut’s unique location.
  • Web Hosting - the site is hosted by Saco Design.  It utilizes our content management system, Site Avenger. The site is able to be easily updated by Herring Gut through Site Avenger, allowing new blogs to be posted in real time.
  • E-Commerce - a new feature to the site is an area where people can easily donate and register for classes.  The site accepts Paypal and major credit cards and debit cards.
  • Content Migration - one of the major tasks for this site was to transfer all the old content to the new site.  All of the old content is available on the new site.


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