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From the prototype to invention; we have been assisting Habitat Mooring with marketing, corporate and identity branding, and the development of their website. In the early stages of product development, branding was especially crucial, so we implemented a logo, content, and images that best represents their product. With these important aspects of Habitat Mooring’s image, their corporate identity can be well represented and can better connect with the community and potential buyers.

Leading Logo

When coming up with a design for Habitat Mooring’s logo, we knew it had to be an image that is easily recognizable and one that is an effective representation of their product. The image simply represents the mooring system, and the product name highlights an important part of this system: the marine habitat that the system provides. The logo is the most obvious aspect of corporate and identity branding, and in collaboration with other aspects, has allowed Habitat Mooring to gain visibility in the community.

Valuable Branding

In addition to our logo design, the colors and informational content are important aspects of Habitat Mooring’s identity. Their homepage includes information regarding the function, cost-effectiveness, and the very first deployment of their mooring system. The blue and green of the page headings and logo keep the design consistent and gives another dimension to their growing brand. As we previously mentioned, our involvement with Habitat Mooring from the beginning made this project very collaborative, and we are happy to share their successes of creating a successful product and brand.

Just Added!

As a way to showcase Habitat Mooring Systems’ products, and non transactional shopping cart was added to the site.  This is used to view the various mooring systems that can be purchased.  Each mooring product page has a diagram, specific model information, spec a sheet, and a description where customers can purchase the product.   

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