Rebranded Web Site Goes Live

In order for to work for Dr. Granger, we needed to remove all reference to Dr. Siegel (sorry Marty!).  This may sound simple but it is actually quite involved.  Plus, this project was high stakes.  We didn't want to lose any search engine rankings, page rank or site traffic.

Project Goals

  • Maintain excellent search engine rankings (SERPs)
  • Migrate to (long-term, so as not to affect rankings)
  • Update look and feel of site to reflect Dr. Granger
  • Rewrite all content and copy from Dr. Siegel's message to Dr. Granger's.
  • Restrict costs to the neccessities- the same basic template was used.  Saco Design just added new photos, swapped out the masthead/logo, and rewrote all content to apply to Dr. Granger

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