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Molleur Law Goes Mobile


Our website redesign of Molleur Law Office was a great project with a heavy focus on content migration and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We recently undertook the challenge of creating a mobile site for Molleur Law that is easy to view on mobile devices. The challenge was providing just as much information to mobile viewers as their desktop version offers. The text and images on the mobile site are easily viewable and the navigation options are straightforward and easy to use.


Making it Mobile

We created three large functional buttons that are seen right away and direct potential clients for Molleur Law to information about their services, contact information, as well as general information about their rights and applicable laws.

Further scrolling reveals contact information and hours for their two locations, as well as blog posts and testimonials from clients.

Because the site is mobile friendly there is no need to shrink the page manually or zoom in to read the text. Molleur Law works to offer the public easy access to resources regarding bankruptcy, foreclosure, and predatory lending; Saco Design was happy to help by creating a mobile site that further increases accessibility to this information.

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