Giombetti Associates A-Player Access Website Launch

The Performance Dynamics experts at Giombetti Associates assist companies nationwide in making the best hiring decisions by screening hundreds of qualified candidates for high-performance positions. For each candidate that is hired, several other talented recruits may be left in the talent pool. The Giombetti Associates A-Player Access website is a place to leverage this remaining top talent.

Powerful Database-Driven Website Helps You Find A-Players

A-Player Access is a database-driven website that offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for finding A-Players. The website was designed from the ground up with human resources and management profes sionals in mind.

Self-Maintained Content Management System

Giombetti Associates needed a way to organize and present all of this data. The web development team at Saco Design developed a complex back-end system and integrated it with Site Avenger, Saco Design’s CMS (our Content Management Superhero). Now Giombetti Associates can update the A-Players Access website as new A-Player candidates become available. Additionally, the site automatically updates its powerful Lucene-based search listings each time new A-Players are added, updated, or an A-Player candidate is removed from the applicant pool. This ensures that the A-Player Access site will always be kept up to date and offers Giombetti Associates a centralized database to manage A-Players.

Looking for Top Talent?

The A-Player Access website makes it easy to find top listed talent. Candidates are organized by common Functional Areas, such as ‘Sales’ or ‘Operations’. These browse-able listings c an also be viewed by using the site’s search feature, which is ordered by search relevance. Both a short preview an d more in depth profile summarize the candidate. For more information on a candidate, or to hire an A-Player, a prospective employer can start by clicking the ‘Interested in Hiring This Person’ link provided on each A-Player profile page will get the hiring process started.

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