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Pinterest is a great social media venue that can be simple and easy to use for any small, medium, or large business.  A lot of businesses haven't even started to ride this wave but many people are using it to communicate images of what they like between their social groups.  Its value is in its simplicity and its ease of use.  It has a target in imagery and this is the direction that the Internet has been moving since its start.

With the growth of the Internet, people's attention spans have shortened.  The value of marketing that requires a lot of attention from the reader is decreasing.  This type of marketing still holds sway with complex products or items that require a lot of detailed information.  However, on items that are unlikely to have anything other than a visual appeal, it could just be wasted time.  People can easily judge whether or not they will order a particular item based on a simple picture.  In some cases, especially with familiar products, a quick visual is all a customer may need to see.

Take restaurants and cafes for example.  Customers are more likely to take a look at pictures of menu items instead of reading a written description.  Reading doesn't give me the same sense that seeing a picture does, and since we can neither smell nore taste on the Internet, yet.... you will find yourself drawn more to pictures of food rather than to any particular description of the product.

With Pinterest you are only presented with images of items, a short description, and a link to where the person found the item and pinned it to their particular Pinterest account board.  You can move quickly through a particular person's boards.  These can be friends, or businesses you like, or even celebrities.  The diversity of Pinterest leans heavily to the female gender but is starting to pick up many male followers as well.

Think what this could mean for your business as a clothing resale shop.  Say you acquire followers to you as an owner's personal Pinterest feed.  You can post pictures of clothing that comes into your shop for resale.  This is posted to your Pinterest Boards and also can be linked to your Facebook account.  Your followers on Pinterest and also your friends on Facebook get a great simple image of a new idea you have in that maybe everyone wants and maybe only one person wants but that one person that wants it follows your boards or is friends with you on Facebook.

To all those businesses out there interested in adding value to your Social Media marketing plan:  If you use your Pinterest account to pin images from your company's website, not only do you get the previously mentioned benefits but you also get the added SEO of inbound links from the Pinterest social network hitting your site and many of your board followers may repin your images giving you even more social leverage.  With search engines taking more stake in what people are doing socially and looking at socially, can you afford the risk of not leveraging every FREE inbound link and all the traffic your site can get?

All in all, Pinterest takes little time to setup and use making it an easy social avenue to use.  It has many plugins for common browsers that allow you to easily pin pictures while you surf the web.  We encourage all our clients to take advantage of it and have many leveraging its uses right now.  If you are currently marketing in social media you should add this to your toolkit because for little effort it may provide you with multiple rewards.

If you need help setting up a Pinterest account or need help with any marketing services for your business or website please contact Saco Design at (207) 221-3255 or email us about your internet marketing needs.

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