Frankfort, Maine Launches New Website

We’re delighted about how well the Town of Frankfort, Maine official website turned out. The new site extends an invitation to live in and become part of the Frankfort community. Its contemporary look and user-friendly interface allows community members to get the latest information on town events, local government, tax maps, and links to services.

Our designers were impressed by the large quantity of quality images made available through a town photo contest. These photos tell the story about what life is like in this quintessential Maine town located on the Penobscot River and highlight the brilliance of Frankfort's landscapes.

Saco Design is proud to have designed Frankfort's official town website, as a way of preserving its long history and encouraging community involvement. Visit to see what's happening.

The Town of Frankfort is a small Waldo County town incorporated in 1789, located on the west bank of the Penobscot River in the shadows of Mount Waldo.

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