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Don Dickel knows that teamwork makes the difference in business, and Saco Design loves being part of Don's team. It's led to a new site for Dickel Floor Supply, great social media channels for Dickel Floor Supply and Maine Wood Floors, a strong email marketing campaign, and a host of other marketing ideas. Now, we are proud to announce the latest addition to the Dickel Floor Corp portfolio, the new Maine Wood Floors site!

the big visual

The internet is essentially a visual medium (apologies to Spotify and Pandora). If your site doesn't look good, your visitors won't get the feeling that you're a serious company. Saco Design took this a step further with Maine Wood Floors newest site and designed the site with an eye toward the demographic that Don is courting with this brand.

Big, high resolution hero images of immaculate floors in high end homes tell an instantaneous story about what you can expect from Maine Wood Floors: The Best.

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