We created a whole new design for Enerdoor, complete with product and image sliders, a product search tool, and the incorporation of their logo. We implemented Search Engine Optimization (SEO) into their content, so more people on the web can find their filters. A big part of this project included E-Commerce of the non-transactional type, with the capability to receive a call from an Enerdoor expert so customers have the option of discussing the desired product before buying.

Non-Transactional, But Still Functional, E-Commerce

Enerdoor’s products are easily viewable on their Browse Attributes page. Filtering options allow potential customers to find exactly what they need, and information on each product is available in detail. Customers cannot purchase any items online; instead we included a “Request a Callback” button so the product can be further discussed with an Enerdoor professional. There is no shopping cart, but there are experienced Enerdoor personnel available to call you and discuss with you any questions you may have about their products.

Branding, Promotions, and SEO

With the new design and inclusion of Enerdoor’s logo, we worked to increase the reputability and publicity of their universal brand. SEO was a big part of this, as Enerdoor’s content needed to include relevant keywords to improve their visibility on the web, and help potential customers access products they need.

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