Elastic Search Included!

Your site needs to be searchable. It’s that simple. Elastic Search is the industry leader in helping customers find what they’re looking for on your website, and now Site Avenger has Elastic Search built in. Built. In.

Why Elastic Search?

Your customers need to be able to find what they’re looking for on your site, and they’re used to quickly finding what they want with Google or Bing. Elastic Search, the most popular enterprise search engine today, gives them the power to search your site in just the same way. Your customer understands it, it’s a proven technology, and you get it automatically with a Marketing Agreement from Saco Design.

No Fuss, No Stress

With other CMS products, you can add Elastic Search as a plug in, but with some plug-ins on WordPress you need to have a detailed knowledge of Elastic Search and their servers, with the Marketing Agreement from Saco Design it comes as part of the service! If you’ve ever visited a site with poor search functionality, you know the value of being able to find what you want with a few keywords.

Super Power Your Site

Call Saco Design today and ask about modernizing your site, creating a brand new site from scratch, getting new branding for your company, or simplifying your on-line advertising. Site Avenger, with Elastic Search, can help your customers find what they want on your website. Saco Design can help your customers find you!

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