Dr. Kevin Granger, A Sedation Dentist in Virgina Chooses Saco Design for Design and Marketing

Saco Design completed a total redesign and redevelopment of the user interface for Dr. Kevin Granger's Sedation Dentist in Virginia website.  The clean new look and quick access for his clients to submit consultation requests results in more conversions from web hits to leads.  Enhancements and following web standards has resulted in a site that is accessible and viewable on most browsers used on the internet.

Trained and Certified Sedation Dentist

Dr. Granger is a sedation dentist in Virginia that offers many services at his dental office.  Dr. Granger is trained and certified by the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation in the use of nitrous oxide and oral sedatives.  He has years of experience dealing with oral sedation patients and continually updates his knowledge on all of the latest procedures.  Dr. Granger offers family, laser, cosmetic, and emergency dentistry in conjuction with his sedation dentistry services.  He can do everything from cleaning teeth to replacing them with high quality dental implants.

Converting Web hits to Web Leads

Saco Design built and tested the user interface on Dr. Granger's website http://www.sedationdentistva.com.  It was designed to channel visitors from information they were looking for to an actionable form that is quick and easy for the user to complete.  Allowing the website users to quickly and easily contact Dr. Granger results in more confidence in the user that they are important to Dr. Granger's practice.  This ease of use will start the process in creating a successful relationship between Dr. Granger and his patients.

Saco Design specializes in complete solutions for our customers that empower our clients to have successful internet channel relationships with their customers.  Leading the way in Web Design, eCommerce, User Interface, and Internet Marketing, Saco Design creates web hits and converts users to leads.

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