Don't Sell on Instagram

Businesses want to use social media to sell their products or services, that’s what business is all about, right? Here’s a tip from us to you about how to sell your goods on Instagram: don’t.

Give ‘em what they want

Instagram is the ultimate visual social channel. From the photos and videos we see on Instagram we get one thing more than any other... we get a vibe. Vibe. It’s that feeling you walk away with even if you don’t remember what the image was. Did you get an “Awwwww!” vibe from the kitten? Did you get a “Whoa!” vibe from the before and after photo? Whatever it was, you know what I mean. You’ve felt that feel, and that’s your goal on Instagram.

Give your community all the feels. Yes, sure, do the branding: 1) Get your Profile Picture right so it’s consistent across platforms, 2) make sure your bio describes what your company does, links to the right website page, and has some personality, and 3) put pics of what you do on the account. But all of that is secondary to the vibe on Instagram.

It’s about the feeling, not the selling

We’re conditioned to try to sell people our goods and services. It’s the lifeblood of business! But on Instagram a well crafted, professional picture that evokes the right emotions is worth 1,000 words and $100 of paid advertising. Add one note of “buy now!” to your image and the vibe is gone. Now you’re pitching a product, not meeting them where they are.

There's an element of trust here on the marketer's side. We're telling you that if you give your community the vibe they want, you'll sell your goodies. Think of it this way, though: Instagram is 100% about building your brand. It's not a closer, it's a support system.

The List

Enough of the flowery words, you get the point. Here’s your to-do list for Instagram:

  1. Fill in your bio with what you do and include a link to the best landing page on your website.
  2. Make sure your Profile Pic lets people know who your business is at a glance. It’s all that will show on your replies and comments.
  3. Get GREAT pictures! Take the time to get the lighting right and don’t just take what’s there. Move items around to get what you want in the picture. Most people point and shoot, a little forethought will go a long way.
  4. Don’t try to sell your products, let people want to buy what your selling.

If you want help making the most of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any other form of online marketing, you can always call Saco Design at 207.221.3255 and talk to the people who come up with these brilliant ideas instead of just reading a page of fabulous text!

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