Don't Double Serve AdWords!

The Siren’s Song

Our customers consistently tell us they receive a large number of calls and emails promising improved Adword results.   The offer of a free or low rate is made and a near guarantee of increased customer activity is implied. These tempting offers are not unlike like the Sirens of Greek mythology who lure unsuspecting sailors with their seductive songs to crash on the rocks of their island.

These offers are tempting.  What can it hurt?

Reality Crashes In

Frankly, it could cost you your entire ability to successfully advertise on-line.

Google and Bing both have rules against having more than one account advertising the same website, and a violation could get your account suspended. The point is this: it’s unfair for one company to occupy more real estate at the top of a search engine results page (SERP) by having multiple ads appear for the same site. It hurts search engines credibility, and that means fewer people will use those search engines, and users are the currency of the realm when it comes to search engines!

Do  you have a different domain selling different products? Knock yourself out, no one will care! That’s actually the whole purpose of selling on the web. We all want options, choices, the opportunity to find that one great deal. But if you think you’re going to crowd out your competition by using multiple accounts, Google and Bing will have the last word on that.

Look Out for #1

Google and Bing will both act to protect their interests, and you should, too. Don’t let the latest, greatest offer lure you into jeopardizing your ability to advertise on-line!  If you are considering, one of these offers check with your present Adwords administrator to avoid crashing on the rocks of Double Serve and suffer the wrath of Google or Bing.

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