Domain Change for Denny's Affinity Program

Denny’s Affinity Program

For Denny’s Affinity Program, we created a new domain to maximize the focus on this program, which serves in conjunction with maximizing the focus on custom catering on the original domain. The simple, clean design is easy to navigate and will be easy for us to mobilize the page in the future as Denny’s increases the amount of relationships they hold with other companies.

Forms and Functionality

The Denny’s Affinity Program offers great deals to companies and their employees, so we made sure those companies can always have access to and receive the information they need in order to sign up. We obtained downloadable PDF files of information and applications in order to create a resource page for interested companies. The sign-up forms are simple and easy to fill out – we created these forms to be completed right on the website and conveniently categorized them under Non-Profits or For-Profits.

Discover the Directory

A key aspect to this project, the Denny’s directory consists of over 15 participating locations, all of which include the contact information and map of the area surrounding the respected location. Alphabetized by town or city name, it is easy to locate the nearest Denny’s to your company in order to take advantage of your discount.  

Maintaining the Message

As a previous sub-division of Denny’s Catering, 301 Redirects are essential in order to move the Affinity Program to and off of the Catering domain name. This helps focus the message of Denny’s Catering on catering; with the added benefit of a new web property to add to our SEO arsenal.

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