Dickel Floor Supply: A New Business With a New Site

flooring is art. so is their site.

Dickel Floor Supply is a new creation from Dickel Floor Corporation. A new warehouse. A new showroom. More stock.

How do you do all this on an old website? You don't. We worked with Dickel Floor Corp to create a virtual showcase that will let a customer pick their flooring with all the experience of Don Dickel only a click away.

their customers can find what they need where they are.

When do you look for something like flooring on-line? Sure, sometimes you're at your desk. Most of the time you're standing on the floor, looking at how bad that current floor looks. When you pull out your phone and go to www.dickelfloorsupply.com you'll get a great look at what they have to offer. Saco Design knows that responsive design is where the online world is, and we got Dickel Floor Supply there.

ads or organic: you'll find DFS

Because Dickel Floor Corporation is using Saco Design to the fullest of our abilities, they'll be found through advertising and organic searches. Our expertise in SEO and digital advertising means when a customer searches for flooring you'll see results for Dickel Floor Supply all over the search engine results page (SERP).

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