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For Clark and Howell, representing Maine people is common sense - and Saco Design carried this representational model into this website redesign project. The newly added case studies, Q&A’s, resources for clients, and pictures of our beautiful state of Maine are geared towards being helpful and informative, as well as enjoyable and welcoming. Saco Design was happy to help Clark and Howell so they can continue helping Maine people.

Impressive Imagery

To welcome people and potential clients onto Clark and Howell’s website, Saco Design implemented an image slider that is easy to scroll through and view. Each image is accompanied by helpful information regarding Clark and Howell’s services, so it is easy to access services.

Menu Navigation

Saco Design incorporated menu options above the image slider with clear, clickable titles so potential clients of Clark and Howell can navigate to exactly the right service for their needs. These menu options show up on each page, ensuring easy navigation throughout the website from any page.

Less Questions, More Answers

Accompanying each page are Case Studies and “Did You Know” pages. Saco Design included these features for client convenience and in order for Clark and Howell to showcase their work and expertise. Their blog is also a great resource, and the link can be found in the menu bar at the top of each page.

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