The biggest part of this project is E-Commerce. The homepage includes image and product sliders, while also offering the menu bar with links to their products at the top. Other menu options can be found to the left of the sliders and on the bottom of the page; it may seem like a lot of content, but Cardullo’s has a lot of great products to offer.

Tasteful Content Management

Cardullo’s is a highly recognized community establishment in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and nobody knows their products better than the family who upholds its admirable reputation. Because of this, we have turned over the content management of to those who run it - which means accurate and reliable information about their gourmet products is included on the website. Cardullo’s customers rely on them to provide high-end food and treats; so we ensured that Cardullo’s can rely on us for feedback and service outside of the content they manage.

Satisfying News, Images, and Ordering

Cardullo’s is very interested in informing their customers about upcoming events and news about their gourmet goods and collections. In the design, we made sure to highlight the appearances of their products by including images, while at the same time offering news headlines for customers who are looking for more information about this establishment. Ordering their gourmet food is very simple: fully functional quantity and add to cart buttons make viewing your shopping cart easy. You choose your preferred shipping method, and your order is processed quickly. Cardullo’s products are for you, and we made sure their site supports that notion.

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