Bixby & Co.

Our design of parallels the authentic and unique qualities of the ingredients in their chocolate bars; we worked to fully satisfy their design needs so they can continue to satisfy their customers with their premium treats. E-commerce and Fed-Ex shipping integration are crucial parts of their website implementation.  Bixby & Company also uses social media on a regular basis,  so we planned for a robust integration with social platforms to help them reach out to current and potential customers.

Retro Reinvention

Bixby and Co. is all about reflecting its simple inspiration and history.  Bixby Bars take consumers back to a time before artificial ingredients and preservatives.  We created a website the promotes their current products while allowing new flavors and experiments to be added incrementally.  Bixby and Co. is a socially conscientious company working to eliminate preservatives in chocolate bars. We support them in this vision and therefore created a more retro design for the website - the fonts, borders, layout, and horse and buggy image create a rustic feel; however we tied in more modern aspects such as e-commerce and social media to give the website more dimensional qualities.

Wholesome Integration

To incorporate more modern features into this website, such as customer functionality, E-Commerce is a must. We also integrated Fed-Ex shipping to make ordering online more convenient and easy for customers. For better networking and potential marketing strategies, we integrated social media buttons for customers to explore and discover behind-the-scenes pictures, more information on the company, and much more. Bixby and Co. can now expand their customer networks in order to continue making their customers happy with their chocolates.

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