BioSpecialists Site Goes Live

In recent weeks, Saco Design launched a fresh new site for BioSpecialists LLC of Gorham, Maine.

BioSpecialists LLC is the latest venture by an industrious entrepreneur William York, the founder of New England Livery Services in Gorham, Maine. William had been providing services to Medical Examiners and Funeral Homes in New England and saw that nobody was providing tragedy scene cleanup or crime scene cleanup services for survivors of these traumatic events.

Creative Approach to Presenting Sensitive Content

BioSpecialists provides a unique service which has only been seen in recent decades: specialized crime scene cleaning services and hazardous materials remediation. These subjects can be daunting for people to contemplate and research given their emotionally-charged nature. It is especially challenging to represent knowledge and expertise in a diverse array of services, many of which deal with somber and melancholy subjects. Saco Design succeeded in presenting this diversity of information, including service descriptions and answers to frequently asked questions, and did so in a humane manner.

BioSpecialists’ initial entry into Internet Marketing was not at all productive; they then consulted with Saco Design in order to achieve Search Engine Optimization through creative, targeted use of keywords and website design.

Site Designed to Meet Wide-Ranging Objectives

BioSpecialists ’ aim for their website was challenging. The owner wished to present the company as a highly technical, highly trained and professional service provider with a wide reach providing often compulsory services throughout New England.  At the same time they desired to convey a neighborly and compassionate image of a locally operated company who truly understands the needs of their clients in trying times. The company also wished to highlight their services to a broad array of audiences, including families, corporations, civil authorities and professionals, medical examiners and funeral directors, and schools.

We were able to provide a completely new image for BioSpecialists, overhauling not only their online presence and website, but also redesigning their logo. Saco Design toned down BioSpecialists’ logo, previously dominated by the fearsome and overwhelming biohazard symbol (which for many has connotations of darkness and grief), presenting instead a logo incorporating their industry’s themes. In addition, the new logo has a unique, professional feel and is also able to be trademarked. Saco Design successfully transformed the BioSpecialists website, giving it the look and feel of an emergency first responder themed in red, grey and white.

Global Reach With a Local Feel

To help meet the “global reach with local feel” objective, Saco Design developed new database access tools and capabilities for their content management system, Site Avenger, enabling website users to search, browse and view custom web pages which are dynamically generated for every city, state, and ZIP code within a company’s service region.  This is a powerful tool which can vastly improve a website’s search engine optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing results.

BioSpecialists benefits from this customization of their website by gaining a comprehensive listing of the company’s services (for example, Hoarding Remediation, Odor Removal, and Disinfection) in each area served by the company. The traditional method of manually maintaining lists of services and their availability (potentially spanning many webpages) is a time-consuming, error-prone process. BioSpecialists saved time and money by leveraging the power of Site Avenger to automate updates and changes to their website’s content.

Saco Design will continually monitor the site, actively seeking opportunities to improve the search engine ranking, keywords and online ads to improve the performance of the site on behalf of our client.

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