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Mary-Michael Billings needed a website to further showcase her artwork in a simple but informative way. We created our design with an art portfolio and gallery in mind; offering easy navigation through each section and complete information about the artist and her inspirations.

An Online Portfolio and Gallery

The homepage offers an immediate opportunity to view some of Mary-Michael Billings’ artwork with the large image slider. A statement from the artist herself and a portrait are also available below this slider, which offer information on the purpose, and history of Billings’ artwork; a true portfolio introduction. The menu option at the top of the page represent the sections of this online gallery, and all of the artwork within each section can be clicked on and viewed larger for a better look. Rates and contact information are available as well, so be sure to inquire about any piece of artwork if you are interested (the names are conveniently listed underneath each image of the pieces).

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