Aquaholics Surf Shop's Redesigned Website Includes E-commerce

Saco Design has just finished a massive overhaul of Aquaholics Surf Shop's site, featuring not only a fresh new look but also extensive back-end work on the logic and database that drives the shopping cart and e-commerce components of the Aquaholics online store. Our adherence to web standards and progressive enhancement ensures that the site is accessible on diverse arrays of computer platforms and web browsers.

Looks Great, More Selling

Aquaholics, a surf shop in southern Maine, has worked with Saco Design since 2006. The new website seamlessly integrates the online shopping experience, allowing the user to easily and intuitively manage shopping carts, addresses, and customer account details. Saco Design pioneered an intuitive checkout process that lets the user either check out as a guest or log in to access saved addresses, all the while guided through the process via a multi-step "wizard" showing the user's progress. 

The products are sorted into categories for easy selection, and further listed by size, availability and stock level. A "mini-cart" is present in the header of every page, showing items in the cart and allowing quick access to the user's account.

Coupon codes can be entered into to the cart, updating the total in real time.

E-Commerce Back End Does Heavy Lifting

Saco Design built a custom e-commerce solution including a comprehensive client, order, and inventory management system to power the Aquaholics online surf store. Aquaholics can update inventory levels, add and remove products, edit and fulfill orders and change descriptions and more, all using Site Avenger (Saco Design's custom content management system).

The checkout process is robust and secure and includes session management to ensure that orders and cart contents are not lost or intercepted.

Saco Design specializes in bespoke content management solutions for clients in diverse industries.

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