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New Feature: Twitter Display Block

Posted on 08/07/2012 at 03:58 pmViewed 2,392 times | 0 comments

Now with Site Avenger CMS you can display your latest tweets right on your website.  Great for keeping your home page fresh if you don't have a lot of new content every week this can help keep the search engine spiders coming back to your site.  Also, this makes it easy for your site visitors to keep up on what your doing on Twitter without...

New Feature: RSS Feed Reader

Posted on 08/06/2012 at 12:58 pmViewed 2,653 times | 0 comments

Do you have an RSS Feed you would like to display on your website?  Now you can with the RSS Feed Reader block.  You can use this feed to pull in blog postings from other websites, news headlines, or image feeds from other websites.  Use this to keep your website updated by an external source.  Constant relevant updates will help to bring your...

Omni-Directional Sprites Add Vibrance, Animation, and Speed to a Website

Posted on 07/31/2012 at 11:12 amViewed 2,660 times | 0 comments

An Omni-Directional Sprite is really one image file that is a collection of images.  By combining all these images into one file you decrease page load size and calls resulting in a faster load time.  An example of a Omni-Directional Sprite is shown below: By using either jQuery or standard CSS manipulation you can move around the...

New Feature: Facebook Auto-Post

Posted on 07/27/2012 at 11:13 amViewed 2,168 times | 0 comments

Saco Design is proud to (finally) announce the ability for Site Avenger to auto-post to Facebook. Saco Design is dedicated to creating your unique internet presence and custom, professional business solution. Our web sites & web-based applications harness the power of the web to generate sales, leads and increase business. Our online identities...

Dr. Kevin Granger, A Sedation Dentist in Virgina Chooses Saco Design for Design and Marketing

Posted on 06/22/2012 at 11:36 amViewed 3,745 times | 0 comments

Saco Design completed a total redesign and redevelopment of the user interface for Dr. Kevin Granger's Sedation Dentist in Virginia website.  The clean new look and quick access for his clients to submit consultation requests results in more conversions from web hits to leads.  Enhancements and following web standards has resulted in a site...

Aquaholics Surf Shop's Redesigned Website Includes E-commerce

Posted on 07/18/2011 at 06:00 pmViewed 4,267 times | 0 comments

Saco Design has just finished a massive overhaul of Aquaholics Surf Shop 's site, featuring not only a fresh new look but also extensive back-end work on the logic and database that drives the shopping cart and e-commerce components of the Aquaholics online store. Our adherence to web standards and progressive enhancement ensures that the...

BioSpecialists Site Goes Live

Posted on 03/28/2011 at 10:45 amViewed 4,213 times | 0 comments

In recent weeks, Saco Design launched a fresh new site for BioSpecialists LLC of Gorham, Maine. BioSpecialists LLC is the latest venture by an industrious entrepreneur William York, the founder of New England Livery Services in Gorham, Maine. William had been providing services to Medical Examiners and Funeral Homes in New England and saw...

Polished, professional design

Molleur Law Office Website Redesigned As Practice Expands

Posted on 08/20/2010 at 11:00 amViewed 5,144 times | 0 comments

Saco Design is proud to announce the second revamp of Molleur Law Office's website, following our initial redesign six years ago . The site had a lot of existing content, both as pages and as blog entries. We migrated this to the new site and also added quite a lot of new content as well. Molleur Law Office has recently expanded their...

Functional, organized design

Giombetti Associates A-Player Access Website Launch

Posted on 08/19/2010 at 04:00 pmViewed 4,746 times | 0 comments

The Performance Dynamics experts at Giombetti Associates assist companies nationwide in making the best hiring decisions by screening hundreds of qualified candidates for high-performance positions. For each candidate that is hired, several other talented recruits may be left in the talent pool. The Giombetti Associates A-Player Access...

Clean, data-driven design

Midcoast RideFinder Site Goes Live

Posted on 07/08/2010 at 04:00 pmViewed 4,891 times | 0 comments

Saco Design recently completed the Midcoast RideFinder website. The RideFinder is a service of Coastal Trans, detailing Midcoast Maine transportation providers and listing them by area serviced, type of transportation, and various other attributes. Coastal Trans , a local non-profit transportation provider with 30 years of experience,...

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